me as hell


Unexpectedly hearing Welcome to the Black Parade

  • Me: This band ruined my life
  • Peasant: I thought you liked them?¿?¿
  • Me: I do
  • Peasant: 
  • Me: 
  • Peasant: 

  • A Match Into Water: I kissed the scars on her skin. I still think you're beautiful and I don't ever wanna lose my best friend.
  • Hold On Till May: If I were you, I'd put that away. See, you're just wasted and thinkin' 'bout the past again. Darlin', you'll be ok.
  •  ..and she said,
  •  if you were me, you'd do the same. 'cause I can't take anymore. I'll draw the shades and close the door. Everything's not alright, and I would rather..
  • Tangled In The Great Escape: But all is good. We close our eyes. They all accept the lie...I never meant to hurt nobody. I never meant to hurt you, no. I only meant to do this to myself..


Tangled in the Great Escape - Pierce the Veil ft. Jason Butler


when you hear the intro to welcome to the black parade


i wish i could sing like an angel ◕‿◕

u mean lana del rey